Speech Team is an extracurricular activity open to all junior high students at MSJH. Students who join Speech Team will have a variety of categories to select from including solo acting, regular duet acting, small group acting, and duet and team improv, among others. These acts will be performed in front of a judge and small audience at the IESA Speech competition in November. Speech Team is a great opportunity for students to practice public speaking skills, conquer stage fright, improve memorization skills, and excel in an IESA sponsored event while showing their personality and talents in the field of performing arts.

Practice days and times are very flexible, making Speech Team an easy extracurricular to be involved in. Committing to Speech Team requires a high level of time and effort! Participants will collaboratively plan weekly practice sessions with Coach Sanborn

Enroll Here: https://mahometseymourjh.8to18.com